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Upgrade.Chat is a complete member management and payment gateway for Discord. Turn your Discord server into a business with dozens of features to help you generate monthly recurring income through donations and subscriptions.

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Why Use Upgrade.Chat For Your Chat?

Join Thousands of Business Owners Creating Automated Passive Income with Upgrade.Chat. From Accepting Donations, Subscriptions and One-Time Payments to Growing Monthly Recurring Revenue with Ease While on Full Autopilot.

Discord Accept Credit Cards

Just a few Reasons to start using Upgrade.Chat for your Discord.

Upgrade.Chat helps you turn your Discord server into a full membership service payment gateway for products, services, donations, subscriptions and more. Intergrate with Stripe for Discord and more in a few simple clicks.

  • The Only Stripe Verified Partner for Discord
  • Complete Automated Member Management for Your Server
  • Rewards for Your Customers That Refer You New Business
  • Full PayWall & "Share Anywhere" Discord Checkout Links
  • Dozens of Features to Help You Generate More Income
One Click Easy Setup
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Upgrade.Chat Features

Unmatched features for your Discord Server that will help you get the most donations and subscriptions as possible.

Donations & Subscriptions

Simply setup and accept payments with major credit cards or for your Discord within minutes. One Click Install.

Referral Rewards

Offer incentives to your customers by giving them an account credit for sending you more customers.

Shareable Checkout Links

Your customers can checkout from anywhere, not just on Discord. Use the link on social media or your website.

PCI + SOC Card Processors

We securely pass the transaction and info directly to the card processor to store on your account.

Ban Users That Dispute

We protect your income and content by revoking full access to your server whenever your customer disputes.

Grow Your Income & MRR

With features like free trials, paid trials, coupons, limited redemption offers, Tip Jar, Pay-Wall access and more!

Drop Shipping Included

Get a free drop shipping store feature with every server signup! Stop paying monthly fees to dropship!

Customers Love It

Being able to pay with credit card via Discord any time and gain access makes it a customer's choice.

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