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Make money by selling Roles,Access,Membership,Products,Content with upgrade.chat.

Our service is completely free for server owners. Simply invite the bot, set the roles for sale and get started!

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The Many Benefits of Upgrade.Chat

How Does This Bot Help You?

Not only does it allow you to save time and money,
it helps prevent fraud and acts as loss prevention.

PayPal Donation Bot

No PayPal Fees!

PayPal charges for the ability to bill subscriptions. We give you this for FREE!

PayPal Discord Bot

Verify User's Info

When a user pays, the bot tracks their IP, User ID, and more to prevent fraud!

Discord Donation Bot

Prevent User Fraud

The bot automatically finds users who file disputes and removes their role.

Discord Bot for Donations
Discord Donations

Lock Secure Chats

Protect your content and only unlock to members who pay for certain roles.

Discord Bot Donate

Save Time & Money

Stop manually verifying payments, users and wasting your valuable time!

Discord Bots Donations

Protect Your Income

Rest assured that no one can cheat, get a free ride or overstay in your chat.

Donation Bots

Coupons For Roles

Allow custom single or forever coupons for roles so you can give discounts or create promotions.

Make Money Discord

Welcome Messages

Greet users with custom messages and a link to pay for a role or donate to your server when they join.

Discord Make Money

Free / Paid Trials

Create Free or Paid trials for your Discord server and select how long you want people to have access.

Donation Bots

Drop Shipping Store

Server owners have the option of opening their own drop shipping store to sell products from the chat.

Make Money Discord

Tip Jar Checkout

Allow users to pay whatever amount they want or donate a custom amount without giving a role.

Discord Make Money

Custom Subscription Lengths

Don't want boring typical monthly subscriptions? The bot allows weekly, monthly, quarterly and more!


No Monthly fees at all actually. Paid Support Available.

We built this bot for content creators and community leaders to help them save time and money. It will 100% always be without monthly fees for users or for server owners. If you want quicker support, we have an upgraded plan for you.

Donate Paypal Discord

Get Started

Start Accepting Payments Now
  • Start Instantly
  • Invite Now
  • No Monthly Fees
  • Discord Support Channel
  • Community Support
Donate with Discord

Get Support

$5Per Week
$95One Time
  • Priority Support
  • Advertise Your Server
  • Private Support Channel
  • One Complete Walkthrough
  • One Installation
  • One Time Fee
  • One Time Fee

Upgrade.Chat requires an account in one of these countries.
Accept money from over 135+ countries!

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  • Donate Bot For Discord
  • Discord Donations
  • Donations for Discord
  • Discord Chat Servers
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  • Patreon Discord

What are you waiting for? Upgrade Your Chat Today!

Simply invite the bot to your discord chat to start selling roles. Start Now

But How does it really work?

Donation Bot Discord

Invite Bot To Your Server

Once you invite the bot to your server, it will tell you how to set it up and pick roles to sell.

PayPal for Discord

Customers Buy Roles

Anyone in the server can type "upgrade" and they will be given the option to pay for the role.

Make Money Discord Server

Bot Confirms Payments

Once the payment is successful, the bot automatically converts the user's role.


Here are SOME of the features of the bot.
Instantly Remove Role if Payment is Disputed Discord Donate Bot
User Skips Payment - Subscription Cancellation Time INSTANTLY
Coupons For Roles (% discount) Discord Donations
Forever & One Time Coupons Make Money Discord Bot
One Week, 1/3/6 Month, One Year Subscriptions Discord Donation Bot
Complete Drop Shipping Store for Server Owners Patreon Discord Bot
PayPal Optional Donation Button Patreon Discord Bot
Tip Jar for Custom Donation Amounts Patreon Discord Bot
Custom Server Terms of Service at Checkout Discord Patreon Bot
Instantly Remove Role if Payment is Skipped Patreon Discord Bot
Cancel Subscription From Inside The Chatroom Discord Money Bot
Welcome Message to users who join Donatebot
Respond to Upgrade, Donate, Purchase, Pay, Buy, Gift Donatebot.io
Custom Welcome Messages to new users Donatebot bot
Tracks Subscriber's User ID Accept Money Discord
Tracks Subscriber's Username Discord Money Chat
Free Subscription Billing (No PayPal Fees) Make Money Discord
Respond in Spanish, French, Italian, German Make Money Discord Bot
Respond in Dutch, Portuguese, Hindi, Finnish Discord Money Donation
Respond in Japanese, Chinese, Danish Discord Bots
No Failed Transaction Fee Paypal Discord Bot
No Card Authorization Fee Paypal Bot
Disputes Favors Businesses PayPal Donation Bot
Help you win disputes with more purchaser info Free Discord Bot
PayPal Monthly Billing Fee FREE
Instantly Remove Role if Payment is Skipped Patreon Discord Bot
No Patreon Withdrawl Fees - EVER! Patreon Discord Bot
Made Just for Discord! Patreon Discord Bot
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Why should I use STRIPE over PayPal?
Recurring Billing: FREE $20/Mo.
 AMEX Fee:  2.9%+ 3.5%+
Payments Pro: FREE $30/Mo.
Chargebacks: $15 $20
Failed Trans. Fee: FREE $0.30
International cards: FREE 1%
Authorize card Fee: FREE $0.30
Fraud Protection: FREE $10/Mo.
Additionally, we have found that PayPal tends to favor customers over businesses when it comes to disputes as opposed to STRIPE which tends to favor small businesses on a case by case basis.
How do I set up the bot on my server?
Simply invite the bot to your server Click Here Once the bot has joined your server, you need to move the bot's role to the top of all other roles in the server. Once you set the role to the top, visit the bot's control panel. Add the role you want to sell and then click save. Once the role is saved, people are able to purchase the role by typing "upgrade" in any chat channel the upgrade bot has access to. If you need help you can visit the support server and ask for help.
How does Upgrade.Chat offer this for free to server owners?
We believe that content creators should focus their time and energy on doing just that... Creating content. Having to manually verify payments, keep track of who paid and kicking / downgrading users who try to steal your content is just unacceptable. We are able to offer this service for free to you Mr. / Mrs server owner / community organizer by adding a small fee to the subscriptions for subscribers. The fee is 2.49% which usually equates to pennies on the dollar. On a $30 per month subscription, your customer would pay less than 75¢. Think about the cost of loss prevention if even one member managed to slip by you and get your content for free.

Donate Bot for Discord

Funnel All Sales From Your Chat

Focus on selling and creating content, let the bot do the rest and keep members organized.

Accept Payments Discord

Customers Love Self Service

With upgrade.chat, there is no manual upgrading members. They talk to the bot to get upgraded!

Donations with Discord

Full Translations

Upgrade.Chat is able to answer users in over 12+ different languages to ensure maximum use.

Discord Role Bot

Protect Your Content

Don't let members stay longer than they paid for. Upgrade.chat automatically protects access.

Discord Donations

GDPR Compliant Payments

Upgrade.Chat uses STRIPE which is a GDPR compliant gateway for processing payments online.

Discord Donation Bots

Focus on Growth

Leave managing members to the bot, you focus on your group and creating content for sale.

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